The Making of My Nail Shelves

So a bajillion months ago, I promised I would post how I made my nail shelves. You’ve seen them, but here is the “how”. This post is a doozy, in both words and pictures and I would not be even a teeny bit offended if those of you who are not interested skip it entirely […]

A tree fit for a Laquerista

I’m living on my own now, and I bought and set up my first Christmas tree. I had this idea with some help from a friend, check it out! Turns out China glaze make the PERFECT ornaments, as they have a nice lip on them to hold onto the paperclips I fashioned into hooks!  

The Origin of Nail Shelves

This post chronicles the story of how I’ve been storing my nail polishes all my life. Picture-heavy, but the ones at the end are worth it, I promise. Before I started college, I got rid of most of my nail polishes. I started collecting at maybe 11 or 12, but because I didn’t make a […]