First Day of Spring

I’m long past ready for springtime, aren’t you? This winter has been frigidly cold for everyone. It just snowed here AGAIN on Monday. And even though it still doesn’t feel like spring yet, I can at least start rocking some spring nails. These I actually pulled out of the vault, as I have been too […]

Mardi Gras

So I’ve been on a nail polish buying spree on eBay cause you can get some nice brands for about half price. So I’ve got some cool new colors to work with and was really excited to use a dusty mauve by OPI called Steady as She Rose from the Pirate of the Caribbean collection. […]

Classy Mint and Gold

92% of the time, Revlon polishes are perfect in formulation, but every once in awhile they completely miss the mark. This mint color, while gorgeous, was SUCH a pain. It was streaky, took forever to dry and just overall annoyed me. This is three coats and on my right hand it is still patchy and […]

Blue Colorblock tips

These I primarily made to showcase some beautiful new colors I bought. The light blue is a Revlon and the darker blue is Sinful Colors. They had the side effect of being the favorite color of the guy I am dating. #I’mabigdork He liked them though. I had these when the weather changed from cold […]