Broken Nail Fix

I once learned how to fix a broken nail in some magazine, or one of the many beauty books I have bought or been given over the years. The method is not a permanent fix, eventually you’ll have to suck it up and cut the broken part off, but it’s a temporary fix if you are willing to take the time.


This was the perfect break for this fix. Too deep down to cut, but not very far across. This can fix it for just long enough to at least grow it out a little. If course, the nail has to still to be attached for this whole process to work.
First you need a tea bag. That you will then proceed to cut a tiny piece off. Sorry, it’s kind of a waste of a tea bag. The size of the piece is important. It needs to be completely big enough to cover the break, as you do NOT want to put more than one piece or it will show really badly. You also do not want it to be too big, since the surface of your nail is curved and it will also show. FYI this piece is prooobably too big. I don’t do this very often.


Attach the piece to a layer of basecoat. I really doubt it matters much which kind.


Seal that with another basecoat before the first dries to help best smooth out the paper.



When that dries, I recommend covering that with a layer of ridge-filling basecoat.


I don’t remember what I actually planned to paint these, but I painted them in the most unforgiving of silvers to show that while it is an imperfect fix, it’s pretty workable…if you wear a normal color. I will do this better  someday and post a better picture.




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