40 Great Nail Art Ideas — Films

This films prompt was tough on me. I’m not a huge movie watcher. I don’t mean that in the elitist, “I don’t even own a television” way, I watch a shitton of TV, but the length and pacing of movies just does not suit my attention span very well. I’m usually doing other things when […]

40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Your Job

So for the first time, I am posting from our NEW HOUSE. I have an office and a desk and everything, which makes doing MY JOB so much easier. It also makes blogging easier, but I don’t get paid to do that. I’m a software developer, mostly web applications right now, lots of front-end, trying […]

40 Great Nail Art Ideas–Halloween

Happy Halloween! I knew weeks ago that I wanted to do cute monster nails for Halloween, but I wanted to guarantee that they were unique and different from any other cute monster manicure! So instead of Halloween colors, I went with pink! That decisions also does double duty and until I get the majority of my […]

40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Geek

Well I suppose these are called “challenges” for a reason. I had an idea I thought was great for these, but the execution killed me! They turned out alright, but oy, they were a headache. So a while back I planned to redesign the look of my blog with a kind of “retro science” theme […]