When it comes to Christmas, I have a huge pet peeve–people referring to holly as mistletoe. They are not the same thing. I found this drawing to highlight the difference.  It’s a little sassier than I was going for, but it gets the point across succinctly. I really like mistletoe. It’s a little silly, but […]

Green and Gold Christmas

A few weeks back I was feeling a little sad, because it had been weeks since I had done any free-handed nail art on my nails. Between moving and slowly unpacking and painting furniture, I just hadn’t felt it was worth it. But they were feeling a little plain, and I knew a stamp just […]

A very Lemur Christmas

A few weeks ago my company had their holiday party. Company-hosted parties are always great, but they’re extra fun at a small casual company like mine. As previously mentioned, my company’s mascot is a Ringtail Lemur, so as is my tradition, I of course had to include a lemur in my manicure for the holiday […]

100th Post!

I was going to start blogging about the Christmas manicures I have been doing, but then I noticed that this is my 100th post! After 3 years of blogging, but hey, I eventually got there! I still need to blog about the Christmas manicures, so this will be a placeholder for now.