St. Patrick’s Day!

So my sister goes to school in Boston and texted me in a tizzy the other day because I did not have St. Patrick’s Day nails up yet. 4 days early. And I don’t think I’ve ever done St. Patrick’s Day nails.

I was actually going to do beer nails, but then I forgot about that by the time I started painting. Then I tried water marble nails, which was a terrible disaster. I have not gotten the hang of those yet in general, plus they work better with certain polishes and I haven’t quite figured out which polishes yet. I salvaged two of them and had a skitlette for a while with water marbling on my ring and pinky and white painted nails with gold dots and green shamrocks on the index and middle fingers. But then I made macaroni and cheese while they were still gooey and ruined that so I started all over again.

In good news, I do like the final result, and I got a lot better at painting shamrocks through this whole process.

st patricks day nails

On the ring finger I used a dragging technique that I have never used before. Mine didn’t come out nearly as nicely as the tutorial, but it still turned out pretty nice. I first saw this technique done on a blog called Little Fairy Nails, and she is using a tutorial video by CuteNails on YouTube (The video is posted as part of her blog post).

green and gold dots nails

Happy now, Clarissa?

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