Ringtail Design

So in my last post I mentioned starting a new job. In this post I’ll talk more about it. I’ll try to keep it short, cause I’m pretty sure you guys come here for the pictures of my nails and not so much for the details of my life. March 31st I started a new […]

Pink Confetti

So once I started with the pink manicures this month, I wanted to continue that theme for the rest of the month as well! All my life red has been my favorite color, but I have really been excited about the color pink lately! Maybe it’s because I’m so thrilled about it finally warming up. Who […]

Pink Cherry Blossoms

OH MY GOODNESS BIGGEST NEWS EVER. Okay actually it’s not big news at all, but I managed to make cherry blossoms that looked GOOD for the first time EVER. I think having good brushes for art really helps. This is what happened last time I attempted cherry blossoms. If you clicked the link, you’ll notice […]

Neon Pink nails with Marc Jacobs Daisies

I’m super psyched about this whole spring thing, although after this weekend it’s going to go back to being cold. The weather is calling for snow on Tuesday again. BUT I don’t care! It is officially spring and I am painting PINK ON MY NAILS ALL DAY E’R DAY! I went SUPER neon for the […]