Watercolor Roses Tutorial

This is my first tutorial that I will be publishing, which is no surprise because tutorials take a rather large amount of patience and you have to focus that whole time. Not really my strong suit, focus. So this is the tutorial for my “Watercolor rose nails” technique, which was posted as a guest post […]

The Making of My Nail Shelves

So a bajillion months ago, I promised I would post how I made my nail shelves. You’ve seen them, but here is the “how”. This post is a doozy, in both words and pictures and I would not be even a teeny bit offended if those of you who are not interested skip it entirely […]

Blue and pink Hearts

Happy Valentines’ Day, everyone! I spent the morning digging my car out so I could go to my all-important job that my managers do not feel I could accomplish at home. (I could. How do they think I graduated college if I wasn’t capable of working at home?). But to more pleasant things. The theme […]