A tree fit for a Laquerista

I’m living on my own now, and I bought and set up my first Christmas tree. I had this idea with some help from a friend, check it out! Turns out China glaze make the PERFECT ornaments, as they have a nice lip on them to hold onto the paperclips I fashioned into hooks!  

Candy Canes–Winter Challenge day 6

So I skipped day 5, Toys, because a) I had no idea what I wanted to do and b) work was crazy last week. So onto day 6, Christmas food. I went with candy canes, mainly because I am pretty much addicted to candy canes, but also because they’d look nice as a manicure. Choosing […]

Christmas Traditions–Winter Challenge Day 4

So this one I struggled with this one some, as most of my family’s unique traditions do not translate well onto the nail (like the fact that we have lox and bagels on Christmas morning). So I went classic with this one. Christmas gifts! I realized that none of the days’ themes could be gifts, […]

Holiday Colors–Winter Challenge Day 3

Well, I broke my first rule of nail art on this manicure. “Don’t try it on your nails if you can’t even draw it on paper.” For some reason I’ve never been able to draw holly leaves. They’re not even that complicated! The index finger turned out alright, but the rest are pretty much just […]