Happy Halloween!

I am crazy proud of these nails, both in the idea and the execution. I have the cutest skeleton stamp, so I knew I wanted my next Halloween nails to be bone themed. I ended up making them kind of like stylized Xrays of some of the cooler looking sets of bones in the body. […]

Witches and…Beetlejuice?

I had a grand idea for these witch themed nails. I was going to make most of them look like witchy striped stockings in black and green with a witch hat or shoe painted on the thumb or accent to pull the whole theme together. Buuuut then I didn’t really love the hat or shoe […]

The Origin of Nail Shelves

This post chronicles the story of how I’ve been storing my nail polishes all my life. Picture-heavy, but the ones at the end are worth it, I promise. Before I started college, I got rid of most of my nail polishes. I started collecting at maybe 11 or 12, but because I didn’t make a […]