Memorial Day–Blue Camo Tips

So for Memorial Day this year I tried to go beyond the patriotism of the holiday and also capture the militaristic aspect of it. I knew I wanted to paint blue camo, but what I wanted to do with that took some thought as well as a lot of trial and error. Eventually I settled […]


So I graduate today! Sorta. I elected not to go to commencement  but it was today, so I think that counts as me graduating, right? I did nails for it, so I say it does. Check out my fancy honors college medal! Who knew I could freehand a mortarboard? I was certainly surprised.

Spring Hydrangea Nails

Oh my goodness you guys, these may be one of my favorite manicures EVER. It is absolutely some of my very best art, and all free-hand, so I am very proud. I realized that in all my themed manicures, I was missing out on making any real spring manicures! I knew I wanted to do […]

Lime Green Cheetah Gradient

So I was discussing putting prints over a gradient with a friend and I took my first manicure request! She said a friend of hers would be thrilled if I did a cheetah/leopard print on top of a lime green gradient, so I said, what the heck, sure! However, gradients are not really my strong […]