Rainbow Sparkle Barf!

With UNICORNS! So I bought a second set of stamping plates online, these from Winstonia, and I bought them because one of the full nail plates is wood grain and that is awesome. Didn’t even look at the other plates, I was sold on that one on its own. However, it turns out the collection […]

Neon Watercolors

I know I’ve mentioned my new stamps before and I just LOVE them. These nails were inspired by the most adorable plate of monsters. Or aliens. Or maybe animated germs? Adorable, right? Like seriously, just looking at these makes me happy. I knew I wanted to stamp these on top of neons and I knew […]

Steampunk nails!

Okay, so I just got a new set of stamps (that I’m actually planning to review for you all soon!) and I ADORE some of the designs on them! I was particularly inspired by a plate that had a full nail stamp with gears. Cause, c’mon, who doesn’t like gears? Commies, that’s who. ‘Murica. Anyways, […]

The Big Top

So for whatever reason, I adore circuses. I adore going, but I also adore them as a design scheme. I think I just like the excuse for bright colors? Or maybe because the main color is red (my favorite). Regardless, I am obsessed with circuses and carnivals enough that I was going to theme my […]