Zombie nails

So anyone who knows me at all knows I have a fear of zombies that borders on a phobia, particularly considering just how irrational that fear is. It doesn’t necessarily interfere with my everyday life, although I cannot even handle watching Shaun of the Dead and whenever I walk alone in the dark, I’m always […]

Squaring off my nails

So I have had my nails in a kind of squoval shape forever now. (I say kind of squoval because I am not nearly as good about filing them as I should be. They’re usually all a little different). But the other day I was browsing a new blog and her square nails just¬†really¬†inspired me. […]

Motorcycle nails

Ugh, my index fingers have been breaking, so this is the first post you have seen in a while where I have “short” nails. Short for me at least. Now, I did not paint these with motorcycles in mind. I actually wanted to do galaxy nails and got out a whole bunch of blacks, blues […]

The Amazing Spider-Man!

Okay, between my remembering to use an actual camera and my implementation of the art here, these might be the most professional-looking nails I have ever done! These of course, I did in honor of (finally) seeing The Amazing Spiderman! It was barely still in theaters when I finally did see it and it was […]