Whoooo! Rollercoaster!

This weekend I was planning to go to King’s Dominion so I did roller coaster nails! AND I borrowed my mom’s fancy digital camera so the pictures are actually pretty darn good. 
I’m a big fan of the loop-de-loop
I knew I would not be able to imitate the roller coaster on my right hand, sooooo I drew all the people waiting in line! Clever, right?

 I’m pretty happy with my decision to have my nail design correspond to my hand being open. It would have been a really boring roller coaster if I had done the design my usual way. Straaaaaiiight across.

Closer view of the people

I couldn’t find my Sally Hansen black nail pen, so the black is kind of sloppy. I’m not as good at straight lines with a dotting tool.

My favorite are the baby-people

I really need a digital camera; these pictures are exponentially better. You can even see the shimmer in the blue polish!

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