Pink and Green

These nails were an obnoxious idea and I just did not love the execution either. In fact I kind of hated them and re-did them after a day. They would have been better if I had done two coats of a green under the glitter instead of only one. Yuck.

Indian Wedding

Two weeks ago I attended an Indian wedding. Well just the reception, although I wish I could have attended at least some of the ceremony! Regardless, I fell in love with some of the traditions that come with a large Indian celebration. The choreographed dances by like every relative, the music and of course the […]

Whoooo! Rollercoaster!

This weekend I was planning to go to King’s Dominion so I did roller coaster nails! AND I borrowed my mom’s fancy digital camera so the pictures are actually pretty darn good.  I’m a big fan of the loop-de-loop I knew I would not be able to imitate the roller coaster on my right hand, […]

Vintage Lace

I got a new tealish color and wanted to showcase it. So I was going to just do black lace on top of the teal, but then I got distracted by how pretty a lace would look over a nude color. So I just did an accent nail. I like both the teal and the […]