40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Hobbies

So I’m taking part in another weekly challenge for the next year. Well, actually every other week for me, so I’m hoping I can a) stay commited and b) that it will kickstart my blogging again! It’s been a while, so I might need to just do a wrap up post sometime soon, totaling the last 8 months or so for me. They were a doozy.

Anyway, the biweekly girls in the challenge had the choice between either colors and patterns as their prompt, or themes as their prompt! I chose themes, because I always love the challenge of coming up with something creative and different.

This week was hobbies! Hobbies?!? How can I pick just one!?!? Nail art is a big hobby of mine, but that felt a little obviouse for my taste, knitting and building/refinishing would both be best represented with stamps as supporting players and I do not have access to those right now, since I just moved across the country (story for another day). However, in the last few months I picked up the hobby of soap making and I LOVE IT. I’m trying to start an etsy business on the side. It’s closed now, RE: the move, but I’m hoping to get it up and running again soon! Have a huge batch of pumpkin pie soap that is way too seasonally appropriate to not share!

So soap! I kept it simple and did bubbles. Basically a rehash of my rubber ducky manicure, which was one of my favorites of all time. I kept it simpler in the color scheme (they’re SOPHISTICATED BUBBLES, can’t you tell?), but I also threw in some glitter #alwaysagoodchoice.


Oh, China Glaze Fairy Dust, you make everything magical and better.


I’m in a little furnished apartment temporarily right now. I tried the bathroom lighting as well as the GIANT windows and despite how cloudy it was, I think the window photos won! (First and last)


And a few silver holo bubbles for good measure. Darling Diva Polish. Her stuff is AMAZING guys, check it out. If it had been sunny, man that silver would have rocked your world, I promise.


Enjoy the other ladies’ manicures!

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EKG nails: Valentine’s Day

Man, I am terrible at getting holiday nails up in time! I always do a decent job of painting them, and even photographing them on time, but blogging them? Not so much. This time I at least posted them on Instagram, so that’s probably the best way to keep up with the nails I do, if you’re so inclined.

I’d seen a few Valentine nails with an EKG theme, and I loved them all. I love the simplicity, but still the romantic implication, but with a geeky undertone. Of course, I wanted to use some of my new holographic polishes I bought myself for Christmas, and I had a black that was PERFECT.

Of course, it’s winter now, and 9 times out of 10 the sun is not out and taking photos of a holographic nail polish is disappointment incarnate. I love my lighting set-up for most manicures, but it just can’t get the magic of a holo! But in good news, I figured out how to make my flash do it! Before I had only tried with the flash on my iPhone, which did not work at all, but this time I used my actual camera, and they are beautiful. Behold:

I’ve mentioned Chirality before and I still love her polishes. She does an AWESOME job at producing unique colors as holographic, for example some fun muted tones. And of course, a wonderful black holo, definitely one of my favorite nail polishes. This is called Soska, and I love it. And in looking up the link to add to this page, I see she has a new set, called “El Amor de Mi Vida“, which I personally think is TO DIE FOR. I love it. More holographic polishes in muted tones. So beautiful.

There is not much more I have to say about these, so just enjoy the pretty sparkles!

Neon Rainbow Dots

I few months back I purchased some polishes from Pipe Dream Polish. She’s absolutely famous across the indie nail polish world for her spectacular neons line. They’re spectacular for water marbling, and are bright and beautiful WITHOUT a white base coat, which is absolutely unheard of in the world of neons. Every time she does a restock of the A Night in Vegas Cremes, they sell out in less than 4 minutes. It took me weeks and weeks to get my hands on a set, and by the time I did, it was November and I wasn’t feeling too inspired by neons anymore and was much more jazzed about fall colors.

They were soooo pretty though, and I felt very guilty and ungrateful for having not used them yet, since so many other people were (and are) still trying to get their hands on them. I kept trying to work them into various manicures and I kept being dissatisfied with the results. I even tried water marbling with them, and I can confirm that they are fantastic at that! And water marbling is not my strong point, so I was extra impressed.

However, this week’s theme is dots in my 52 week Pick n Mix challenge, so I made rainbow dots! I pinned a manicure just like this a few years back, however she doesn’t have a blog or anything I can actually credit. But it is one of my most re-pinned pins!

Trying to photograph this manicure taught me that my indoor lighting set-up leaves much to be desired when it comes to correct color balance. In good news, there was just enough light outdoors for me to capture these before it was too late.

I can’t wait to do a water marble with these polishes. 

Enjoy the rest of the polishes in the pick n mix challenge this week!

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