Pink Cherry Blossoms

OH MY GOODNESS BIGGEST NEWS EVER. Okay actually it’s not big news at all, but I managed to make cherry blossoms that looked GOOD for the first time EVER. I think having good brushes for art really helps. This is what happened last time I attempted cherry blossoms. If you clicked the link, you’ll notice that those are not even floral at all. Florals are definitely not my strong suit, so finding floral patterns that I can repeat has been really exciting for me.

pink mani cherry blossom accent nail


The cherry blossoms were so delicate of a pattern that I thought I’d just leave them as an accent, and I’m happy with that choice. I did that little shwoosh on another manicure in January, loved it, but never blogged about it. It might be one of my favorite simple patterns that I think anyone can recreate (although they’d want a small brush).

cherry blossom design mani

Also exciting, I actually created this manicure using only one brand of polish, Milani. I never do that, but I happened to have 3 pinks from them that worked perfectly in this instance. Okay, the black is China Glaze, but it doesn’t count, cause creme blacks are generally pretty similar regardless of brand.

I’ve got to say, I love that base pink so much! It looked good in two coats, although I did 3 on a few troublesome nails. That kind of coverage is pretty rare for such a light color.

cherry blossom accent nail


And of course I had to give you a close up of my accent nail. I am just so darn proud of these! I even managed to replicate the blossoms using my left hand!

Neon Pink nails with Marc Jacobs Daisies

I’m super psyched about this whole spring thing, although after this weekend it’s going to go back to being cold. The weather is calling for snow on Tuesday again. BUT I don’t care! It is officially spring and I am painting PINK ON MY NAILS ALL DAY E’R DAY! I went SUPER neon for the first day of spring. I haven’t worn neon pinks in quite a while, probably because I never liked how they came out. But with the resurgence of neon as a trend last season, I now know that you’re supposed to paint white under neons. Two coats of white, and this came out great! Sadly, this color was too goopy to even be saved by nail polish thinner and I tossed it. However, this manicure was a good way for it to go out.

Now I have good news and bad news. In bad news, my camera was not a fan of getting color correct pictures. In good news, I am capable enough at video editing to get one that looks close. So this is them taken in my lightbox, as I normally do. They look great, but that’s really not what the pink looks like.

mark jacob daisies manicure

This is them in the natural sunlight. Not really much closer. Although you can see the neon better here, just not the right tone of pink.

mark jacob daisies manicure

So here, the pink is right, but the gold is totally off. But isn’t that pink awesome!

mark jacob daisies manicure

I originally was going to put yellow centers in the daisies, but the brilliance of the pink deserved something better. So gold! I love this gold. It’s from this year’s holiday collection from China Glaze. Seriously, Mingle with Kringle is my jam.

First Day of Spring

I’m long past ready for springtime, aren’t you? This winter has been frigidly cold for everyone. It just snowed here AGAIN on Monday. And even though it still doesn’t feel like spring yet, I can at least start rocking some spring nails.

These I actually pulled out of the vault, as I have been too busy this week to put on a new manicure, plus I have a few in my queue to paint in upcoming weeks. But these are the perfect spring nails.

baby blue tips with easy spring flowers manicure

Hm, I apparently used to wear my nails really long. I like them at the current length I’ve been rocking, though. More practical.┬áMy cuticles are also in much better shape now. I’ll have to post on the products I have been using soon. Hint, I’ve been experimenting with homemade deodorant and lotion bars lately and I am too cheap to try Lush Lemony Flutter.

easy spring flowers nails

I really loved this manicure as it was VERY simple to do. The flowers are made entirely of simple dots. Even the leaves are made with the same dotting tool. The only thing I would change, is I would paint the leaves before the flowers, so they look more accurate spatially.


You can tell these are not current. NOTHING in Maryland is this green right now. Man, I can’t wait for warm weather.

St. Patrick’s Day!

So my sister goes to school in Boston and texted me in a tizzy the other day because I did not have St. Patrick’s Day nails up yet. 4 days early. And I don’t think I’ve ever done St. Patrick’s Day nails.

I was actually going to do beer nails, but then I forgot about that by the time I started painting. Then I tried water marble nails, which was a terrible disaster. I have not gotten the hang of those yet in general, plus they work better with certain polishes and I haven’t quite figured out which polishes yet. I salvaged two of them and had a skitlette for a while with water marbling on my ring and pinky and white painted nails with gold dots and green shamrocks on the index and middle fingers. But then I made macaroni and cheese while they were still gooey and ruined that so I started all over again.

In good news, I do like the final result, and I got a lot better at painting shamrocks through this whole process.

st patricks day nails

On the ring finger I used a dragging technique that I have never used before. Mine didn’t come out nearly as nicely as the tutorial, but it still turned out pretty nice. I first saw this technique done on a blog called Little Fairy Nails, and she is using a tutorial video by CuteNails on YouTube (The video is posted as part of her blog post).

green and gold dots nails

Happy now, Clarissa?