40 Great Nail Art Ideas — Spring

Alright, I have hardcore fallen off the wagon with this challenge, but I’m getting back on this week! The theme is “spring” and I totally did spring-y nails this week without even planning to! The boyfriend went to Korea for a training exercise and asked what I wanted him to bring back. Um, nail polish, duh. So he brought me three bottles! I love the mental picture of him standing in a makeup store staring at the bottles and trying to figure out which colors I might want. This is what he ended up with and I think he did a pretty good job!


Those are my robot salt and pepper shakers. I can wind them up and they walk across the table. They’re pretty great. And perfect for my office, since they’re a little small for sharing at a table.

So this week I did reverse stamping or decals. I tried them once before with my new Miracle Mat and they were not worth displaying. I’m still working out the kinks, but I’m getting there!



IMG_1160 (1)

What I struggle with the most is getting the decal on so that it doesn’t lift the bottom polish up and get uneven. You can see it on my accent nail. I haven’t figured out how to make that work for me. I tried painting my clear decals with the base color and it didn’t really help. I’ll figure it out someday! Just gotta keep trying!
IMG_1164 copy

Enjoy the other spring manicures!

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas — Films

This films prompt was tough on me. I’m not a huge movie watcher. I don’t mean that in the elitist, “I don’t even own a television” way, I watch a shitton of TV, but the length and pacing of movies just does not suit my attention span very well. I’m usually doing other things when the TV is on, as well, and the penalty for missing something in the plot of a movie is much higher. Because that plot is going to be happening for the next 2 hours.

So anyway, I didn’t really want to do a favorite movie, but my friend Kenley suggested I do popcorn instead! I liked the iconic, but playful feel and I went with it!

This was the first iteration, but I wasn’t loving having popcorn on all 4 nails, it was a little overwhelming to me, so I tried a few other things as well.

popcorn nails

I tried other movie snacks, but those were a trainwreck. Then I added some marquis lights, in an attempt to invoke the vintage theater feel, and I was kind of digging that!
films nails popcorn I’m pleased with the final result, but looking back at the photos, I think I like the original manicure best! 
movie marquis lights nails

I really need to get my lighting in this new house figured out, yo. I used to rely on sunlight to take my photos, but that’s a very rare occurrence over the winter months in Tacoma. I literally leapt up from my desk in the middle of work in order to take these! (I work from home, although I’ve definitely taken nail photos at work. My desk at my last job got GREAT sun.)

And the manis from the rest of the challenge participants!

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Your Job

So for the first time, I am posting from our NEW HOUSE. I have an office and a desk and everything, which makes doing MY JOB so much easier. It also makes blogging easier, but I don’t get paid to do that. I’m a software developer, mostly web applications right now, lots of front-end, trying to add a little bit of “designer” to my job description. So 90% of what I do is Javascript! (little bit of CSS on the side) So I did a stylized JavaScript Manicure!

IMG_9539 copy

My first nail is two forward slashes, which mark a line as a comment and it will be ignored by the complier. Comments are mainly for explaining your code, both for your furture reference and for shared code, but as I’m developing I’ll have a lot of lines that say things like “//What the f*** am I trying to do here? This seems like a terrible way to do it, but I can’t get it to work otherwise!!!!” The idea is to delete them before I share my code…although I don’t always remember. Anyway, I made them in grey because that’s generally what most IDEs and text editors do, so you can distinguish them from the rest of your code at a glance.
IMG_9546 copy

My next nail is an opening curly brace. Javascript LOVES curly braces. They are everywhere. They define objects, which are the fuel upon which Javascript runs. The curly brace was actually the inspiration for this manicure, as I realized how aesthetically pretty they were on their own! Following that nail is “.js”, simply the file extension for a Javascript file. Also coincidentally, my initials.
IMG_9558 copy

I finished it up with a semi colon, because every single statement in Javascript ends in a semi colon! Actually, putting the semi colon at the end was a coincidence, I put it there because it would be easy to draw on my thin little pinkie nail, but I can pretend it was deliberate!

Enjoy the other Ladies’ jobs! I’m so curious and excited to find out what ya’ll do for a living!

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas–Halloween

Happy Halloween! I knew weeks ago that I wanted to do cute monster nails for Halloween, but I wanted to guarantee that they were unique and different from any other cute monster manicure! So instead of Halloween colors, I went with pink! That decisions also does double duty and until I get the majority of my nail polish in the move, I don’t own any orange nail polish, nor any particularly interesting greens. I mostly packed fall colors for this in-between period of the move.

adorable monster nails

But oh my gosh, I LOVE them! I only had three pinks with me, one of them being the very pale pink that is on the ghost and vampire nails, but it totally worked! I’m not particularly into the creepy parts of Halloween, so this manicure is PERFECT for me.
Halloween monster friends

Originally I wanted to do a pink gradient under each of them, but it turns out I didn’t have any makeup sponges in the apartment, and I didn’t think my boyfriend would be very happy with me if I ruined our one dishwashing sponge to do my nails. The graphic solid skittle turned out much better than I expected, though!

pink halloween manicure

Seriously, I love them. That Frankenstein nail took me at least 3 tries. I kept trying to do his eyes in black with white pupils like the vampire, but with his brow ridge (and the lack of contrast on the dark pink), it looked like sunglasses every. single. time. I found my failures ironic, considering that I’ve actually painted an entire manicure of him before, so I was expecting the vampire or mummy to be the difficult ones, not the design I had already succeeded with in my early years of nail art! cute halloween monster mani

And, the other ladies’ manicures! Enjoy, there are some pretty great ones!

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