40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Your Job

So for the first time, I am posting from our NEW HOUSE. I have an office and a desk and everything, which makes doing MY JOB so much easier. It also makes blogging easier, but I don’t get paid to do that. I’m a software developer, mostly web applications right now, lots of front-end, trying to add a little bit of “designer” to my job description. So 90% of what I do is Javascript! (little bit of CSS on the side) So I did a stylized JavaScript Manicure!

IMG_9539 copy

My first nail is two forward slashes, which mark a line as a comment and it will be ignored by the complier. Comments are mainly for explaining your code, both for your furture reference and for shared code, but as I’m developing I’ll have a lot of lines that say things like “//What the f*** am I trying to do here? This seems like a terrible way to do it, but I can’t get it to work otherwise!!!!” The idea is to delete them before I share my code…although I don’t always remember. Anyway, I made them in grey because that’s generally what most IDEs and text editors do, so you can distinguish them from the rest of your code at a glance.
IMG_9546 copy

My next nail is an opening curly brace. Javascript LOVES curly braces. They are everywhere. They define objects, which are the fuel upon which Javascript runs. The curly brace was actually the inspiration for this manicure, as I realized how aesthetically pretty they were on their own! Following that nail is “.js”, simply the file extension for a Javascript file. Also coincidentally, my initials.
IMG_9558 copy

I finished it up with a semi colon, because every single statement in Javascript ends in a semi colon! Actually, putting the semi colon at the end was a coincidence, I put it there because it would be easy to draw on my thin little pinkie nail, but I can pretend it was deliberate!

Enjoy the other Ladies’ jobs! I’m so curious and excited to find out what ya’ll do for a living!

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas–Halloween

Happy Halloween! I knew weeks ago that I wanted to do cute monster nails for Halloween, but I wanted to guarantee that they were unique and different from any other cute monster manicure! So instead of Halloween colors, I went with pink! That decisions also does double duty and until I get the majority of my nail polish in the move, I don’t own any orange nail polish, nor any particularly interesting greens. I mostly packed fall colors for this in-between period of the move.

adorable monster nails

But oh my gosh, I LOVE them! I only had three pinks with me, one of them being the very pale pink that is on the ghost and vampire nails, but it totally worked! I’m not particularly into the creepy parts of Halloween, so this manicure is PERFECT for me.
Halloween monster friends

Originally I wanted to do a pink gradient under each of them, but it turns out I didn’t have any makeup sponges in the apartment, and I didn’t think my boyfriend would be very happy with me if I ruined our one dishwashing sponge to do my nails. The graphic solid skittle turned out much better than I expected, though!

pink halloween manicure

Seriously, I love them. That Frankenstein nail took me at least 3 tries. I kept trying to do his eyes in black with white pupils like the vampire, but with his brow ridge (and the lack of contrast on the dark pink), it looked like sunglasses every. single. time. I found my failures ironic, considering that I’ve actually painted an entire manicure of him before, so I was expecting the vampire or mummy to be the difficult ones, not the design I had already succeeded with in my early years of nail art! cute halloween monster mani

And, the other ladies’ manicures! Enjoy, there are some pretty great ones!

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Geek

Well I suppose these are called “challenges” for a reason. I had an idea I thought was great for these, but the execution killed me! They turned out alright, but oy, they were a headache.

So a while back I planned to redesign the look of my blog with a kind of “retro science” theme (Jeanettically, get it?) and I asked my chemist sister to make me some images of the main chemical building blocks of nail polish. That redesign never came to be, but I’m now somewhat familiar with the chemical structure of acetone, nitrocellulose, ethyl acetate, and dibutyl phthalate!

So these were round one. Actually, round two, I first tried with a regular tipped sharpie, but it was kind of old and the lines were too thick and sloppy, so I had to go out and buy some fine tipped sharpies. Which, given that until Sunday I was carless, took me a while. Seriously, I’ve been attempting this manicure for weeks now. Anyway, I acquired the fine tipped ones and tried again. Took this shot before putting on topcoat, which was a good thing, because my seche vite is thick and gloppy and streaked the HECK out of it. My index finger is dibutyl phthalate, which is a plasticizer in polish. It’s banned in the EU, but it’s a cute molecule and fun to draw, so I kept it. My middle and ring fingers are both parts of the nitrocellulose molecule, also pretty standard in making nail polish. That’s a fun molecule, the cellulose part means it can pretty much create chains with itself forever (assuming I understood my sister’s explanation correctly). My pinkie contains a mix of ethyl acetate which the nitrocellulose is often dissolved in, and acetone, which of course I’m sure everyone is familiar with.

IMG_9333 copy

So I tried again, using my HK Girl topcoat. Better, but that dibutyl phthalate smeared still. The middle nails don’t have topcoat yet. And again, I’m glad I took a picture, because…

IMG_9347 copy

Once again, the application of topcoat smeared the sharpie. I gave it quite a while to dry! But at this point, as my fourth try (I re did each nail at least once while trying to get this final shot) I was finished. I also attempted homemade decals, so I suppose I can count this as my fifth try? The decals worked well, but the ink expanded and blurred before I could even attempt to topcoat it.

IMG_9353 copy

I don’t think I’ll be using a sharpie for nail art again. He’s a picture of the view of Capitol Lake in Olympia, WA from my apartment to distract you from this trainwreck of a manicure. Oh well, next time will be better! I’m still happy with the idea!

IMG_9357 copy

Enjoy the other ladies’ geek manicures! There are certainly some creative ones!

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Hobbies

So I’m taking part in another weekly challenge for the next year. Well, actually every other week for me, so I’m hoping I can a) stay commited and b) that it will kickstart my blogging again! It’s been a while, so I might need to just do a wrap up post sometime soon, totaling the last 8 months or so for me. They were a doozy.

Anyway, the biweekly girls in the challenge had the choice between either colors and patterns as their prompt, or themes as their prompt! I chose themes, because I always love the challenge of coming up with something creative and different.

This week was hobbies! Hobbies?!? How can I pick just one!?!? Nail art is a big hobby of mine, but that felt a little obviouse for my taste, knitting and building/refinishing would both be best represented with stamps as supporting players and I do not have access to those right now, since I just moved across the country (story for another day). However, in the last few months I picked up the hobby of soap making and I LOVE IT. I’m trying to start an etsy business on the side. It’s closed now, RE: the move, but I’m hoping to get it up and running again soon! Have a huge batch of pumpkin pie soap that is way too seasonally appropriate to not share!

So soap! I kept it simple and did bubbles. Basically a rehash of my rubber ducky manicure, which was one of my favorites of all time. I kept it simpler in the color scheme (they’re SOPHISTICATED BUBBLES, can’t you tell?), but I also threw in some glitter #alwaysagoodchoice.


Oh, China Glaze Fairy Dust, you make everything magical and better.


I’m in a little furnished apartment temporarily right now. I tried the bathroom lighting as well as the GIANT windows and despite how cloudy it was, I think the window photos won! (First and last)


And a few silver holo bubbles for good measure. Darling Diva Polish. Her stuff is AMAZING guys, check it out. If it had been sunny, man that silver would have rocked your world, I promise.


Enjoy the other ladies’ manicures!

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